Flat Tarps

Flat tarps come in any size as per client requirement. We offer a range of colours and material strengths with an added advantage of branding your company name and logo on to tarp.

Cargo Nets

Our industrial cargo nets are durable, tough and can be customised to each clients specific requirements. Ranging from 2.5mm to 12mm rope and mesh ranging from 75mm to 500mm in block size. Cargo Nets are available in a range of colours including added features such as netting and straps.

Tarp Repair & Cleaning

Kagiso Tarpaulin & Net caters for a range of services that are required by the logistics industry. One such service is the repair and cleaning of the exciting Tarps. To assist our clients we do a full appraisal of there Tarpaulins and make all necessary repairs to tears and holes found throughout the Tarp. After witch we do a thorough deep clean of the Tarp and replace any missing rope tie-downs.

Cargo Equipment

In order to ensure that our clients cargo is delivered to the end destination in pristine condition, the correct equipment needs to be utilized.

Tipper Tarps

Kagiso Tarpaulin & Net uses only the highest grade 800 GSM material when producing our Tipper Covers. Tipper Covers are customised to our clients specific needs and can be branded to unsure that we maximise our clients branding exposure.
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