Tarp Repairs
and Cleaning

Our services even include tarp cleaning and repairs to truck trailer roofs.

and Curtains

We take special precautions to ensure that each of our tarpaulins are manufactured exactly to each of our customers’ unique specifications.


We also offer in-house digital and analog branding of cabs, fleets and backboards.


Providing in-house engineering, design and manufacture

Our Mission

Kagiso Tarpaulin & Net Manufacturers provides each customer with the highest quality end products. We strive to continue being a leader in our industry through individual and combined dedication, innovation and integrity.

Giving our employees equal opportunity for both personal and professional growth, we understand that by looking after our staff, we can rest assured that they will in turn look after our customers.


We succeed with passion and our expertise in manufacturing and repairs

Our Process

Our factories consist of dedicated, professional experts with a habitual aim to offer unique services to our customers and offer support to others within our market sector.

Our reason for existence is purely to support customers in improving the quality of their operations, whether they be large scale or mere startups, ensuring continuity and sustainably maximizing value.

Become the Pioneer. Build the Future.

Knowledgeable Professionals

In today’s fast paced society, there is hardly time to catch a breath between meetings. As such, nobody can afford to be staggered by mistakes or problems. This is where our strong team of experienced and qualified problem solvers will guide you step by step through any potential obstacles and lead you to your required solution.

Cost Effective Quality.

Swift Production Execution

Once all aspects of the project have been outlined and all the unnecessary costs have been eliminated, production or repairs can commence. Due to the growing demands of the transport industry, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. We understand that if your wheels are not moving, you’re not making money.

Post Production Checks.

Quality Control Before Delivery

At Kagiso Tarp & Net we put quality and client satisfaction first. We therefore have the most stringent quality control systems in place. The only delay in order delivery would be how long it takes for you to collect your order.


The story of our success

Kagiso Tarpaulin & Net Manufacturers was established in 2008 with the primary focus to be the best supplier of quality products to the transportation industry.

We built our company on the heartbeat of striving to cater for our various clients’ requirements and needs. This has led to our company growing steadily over the years. Where we originally started in a small facility with only 4 employees, we have since expanded to a larger premises, with a contingent of 80 employed industry professionals.

Our reputation to date is one of exceptional standards and quality with unmatched service levels. We are truly proud to say that Kagiso Tarpaulin & Net Manufacturers is the fastest expanding and growing enterprise in the industry and we enjoy the continued relationships with our clients that enable us to exceed their expectations.


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