Touching on a very controversially active subject, we acknowledge that Women’s Rights for an Equal Future is not only an important movement, but a movement and initiative that we support wholeheartedly.

Having spoken to many empowered ladies in multiple industries, including the Freight, Logistics and Fleet Management sectors, there was a clear and resounding thread that stood out.

That thread being the fact is that women not only have to work twice as hard to crack the proverbial glass ceiling, but they also need to stay abreast of new technologies that can and are cannibalizing their existing businesses (especially during post lock-down recovery), whilst raising children and maintaining strong relationships with their family, friends, partners, colleagues and customers.

Promotion Details

During the Month of August, we have been offering specialized deals and discounts to our existing Female Empowered Customers and have decided to extend this offer to businesses outside of our network.

Not only does this open the door for everyone to enjoy the benefit of having their Freight, Logistic and/or Fleet requirements met at a fraction of market related costing, but it enables our Empowered Female Leaders to connect and build relationships with other strong Business Women within Southern Africa.

Get Your Discount

To take advantage of this promotion, call our office or contact us via our Contact Page to have your “custom-budget-fit” Women’s Month discount applied to your project(s). As we celebrate Women’s Month, let us support the women within our businesses who show leadership potential and uplift those who are in leadership positions.

Terms & Conditions do apply. Promotional offer is only valid to Female Empowered businesses.
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