Cargo Equipment Experts in Gauteng

In order to ensure that our client’s cargo is delivered to the end destination in pristine condition, the correct equipment needs to be utilized. We make no secret of or have a hidden agenda for the superiority of our products. We believe in the correct solution for the job and so we offer a variety of customized options for all your requirements.

We offer the following cargo equipment:

Cargo netting for all size vehicles including trucks

Heavy duty cargo nets

Cargo straps including branded straps


Corner plates

Polypropylene ropes

Container covers

Trailer parts and equipment

Tarpaulin Repair Kit

No haulage service is complete without the correct roping, safety and protective equipment. We will ensure that your business is always supplied with the correct cargo equipment (from rope diameter from 3.5mm to 10mm and mesh size from 75mm to 250mm; rope in all colours).

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